Loophole Misnomer

I’m confused as to why some in our government along with their advocates and compliant media like to believe a loophole exists at gun shows. Calling something a loophole insinuates an oversight or omission that allows someone the opportunity to evade responsibility.

So what’s unique about a gun show that requires a “loophole” fix? We have laws that require licensed firearms dealers to perform background checks on prospective buyers, and we have laws making it illegal under various circumstances for persons to buy, sell, or possess a firearm. Our laws do not require background checks be performed in private party transactions, and there is no language specifying where private-party transactions must occur. Are the same laws that govern our behavior at gun shops and garage sales not in play at gun shows?

Selling a gun to a convicted felon will land the seller in trouble under existing law, so you can bet that law abiding sellers will always take the necessary steps to know who they’re selling to. Ignorant sellers ignore our laws, and they’d ignore any “loophole fix” law just the same.


Sleepless Knight

I enjoy freedom, thus I remain aware.

I’m tired of defending the Second Amendment and illustrating that firearms deter crime, and I’m tired of explaining how laws affect law-abiders yet fail to deter the criminals. I’m tired of the “we need more effective gun laws” mantra as if criminals would be …….. never mind. I’m tired of you thinking my choice to carry somehow infringes on your existence.

I’m tired of the assault on productivity and liberty and I’m tired of emotion trumping fact. I’m tired of you deciding how to spend my money for me and I’m tired by the prospect of being forced to buy something I don’t need. I’m tired of rewarding laziness and I’m tired of financing bad decisions I didn’t make. Honk if I’m paying your mortgage.

You won’t quit, so I’ve resigned myself to being tired until the day I die. But maybe you’ll wake up sometime before then and figure out how to take care of yourself without diminishing my freedom, my intelligence, and my resources. I’m not going to sleep until you do.

Good guy 2, armed robbers 0

Did you see this September 28th Observer article from Charlotte, NC?

Criminals just the way I like them: dead.

Why we should all carry

Most gun control measures are flawed because they’re predicated on the assumption that criminals will be deterred by them. Gun control serves more to put law abiders at a disadvantage, potentially turning all of us in to sitting ducks for criminals to pluck off. And I don’t understand rationale that suggests concealed carry (CCW) freedom equates to increased public risk. Any reduction in “gun free areas” further expands the offset against criminals, thus decreasing public risk.

Whether you agree or disagree, legally armed citizens, and in particular those carrying concealed weapons, create an uncertainty that deters crime. Data disproves that a relaxation in gun control causes law abiding residents to go criminal. A mortal threat does not discriminate based on location or circumstance, so equality in self defense shouldn’t have to either.