15 Minutes: An Open Letter to the Citizens of the United States of America

15 Minutes:  An Open Letter to the Citizens of the United States of America

By Jack Halley

July 27, 2009

What is my little three-year-old going to think about all the debt this country's in? He's going to think we were asleep at the wheel in 2010.

Hello.  My name is Jack Halley and I’m an average person in this great country of ours.  I’m not college educated and I generally keep to myself.  I work hard and enjoy time with my wife and kids when I can.  As a family, things are really tight these days but I’d say I’ve done a good job of being responsible as I’ve come up through adulthood.  I’m honest, industrious, and open-minded and I don’t like what I see happening to our country.  I’m asking for your help.

I’ve never been one to really pay attention to our government until recently, and as I’ve educated myself on what’s going on in our country, several things really scare me.  I also now realize that most other people aren’t paying attention either, and we probably need to be.  I’m not some nut-job who thinks everyone’s out to get me, rather I’m just someone doing my best to live by the Golden Rule and contribute productively to society.  I don’t care about politics, I don’t play the blame game, and I care about the well-being of my country as a whole.  I’m asking for 15 minutes of your time to read this.

What I’ve done below is pulled together some high-level information on significant issues taking shape within our country.  I tried my best to be factual where necessary and put things in simple terms.  If you have questions about any of what I’ve pulled together – take your curiosities to the internet and search around.  Mainstream news outlets aren’t really covering this stuff fairly and I explain why below.  There is too much detail involved for me to keep your attention for too long, so I just kept things brief here.  I’m hoping that after you read all of this, you’ll engage in educating yourself about how our way of life is in jeopardy.  You can print this, post it, do whatever you want with it except please don’t alter it.  I want this to reach you exactly as I wrote it.  Please share this with as many people as you know.  These are issues that affect all of us.

Finally, make sure your elected officials hear from you if there are things happening that you don’t like either.  If enough of us squeak, they listen.

I appreciate it – Jack



The Basics

Let me share a few facts and little bit of my opinion with you before you get too far in to my message:

  1. My elected representatives’ personal opinions don’t matter to me.  Whether the elected official adequately represents the popular opinion of the communities that elected them does matter to me.
  2. Your political party affiliation or preference doesn’t matter to me.  Your race, religion, or gender doesn’t matter to me.  Your character does matter to me.
  3. Our government is broken, and the Constitution of the United States is not negotiable.
  4. Fact – When our government borrows money to compensate for spending over their budget, inflation occurs.  In an inflationary period, it takes more dollars to buy something today than it did yesterday.
  5. Fact – Our government is committing to spend more money this year than all previous administrations have spent combined – ever since George Washington took the Office back in 1789.  Our country’s economy can’t sustain this level of debt.
  6. Fact – Our government works for us (at least they’re supposed to).  We don’t work for our government.
  7. Fact – As people lose jobs, the taxpayer base shrinks, increasing the burden on the working population to cover expenses previously shouldered by the now non-working.  At some point the money will run out, as will the motivation for the working population to work harder.
  8. Fact – the top 10% of income-earners in this country pay over 68% of all federal income tax collected annually.  The bottom 50% of earners pay about 3%.  Source:  IRS
  9. Fact – Lowering taxes puts more money in our pockets, which we spend, which increases economic demand, which fuels productivity, which creates jobs.  Raising taxes has the opposite effect.  Basic economics…..


Not that these following terms and philosophies have any bearing on my message to you, but here are a few groups you see drawing their lines in the sand over issues, essentially distracting us from the issues themselves:

            Republican – believes in smaller, less intrusive government and considers the US Constitution, national security, and fiscal (financial) responsibility national priorities.

            Democrat – believes in larger, more expansive government and considers government necessary in most aspects of daily life.  Believes the US Constitution can be “re-interpreted”.

            Independent – votes on issues as they see fit and do not take a traditional party line.

            Socialist – believes in redistribution of assets and resources (taking from the “haves” and giving to the “have-nots”) to promote lifestyle equality.  Has inconsistent view of US Constitution and makes national decisions based on minority need.  Wants people dependent on the government because creating dependency is power.

            Conservative – believes in limited government, strong national security, and personal responsibility.  US Constitution should be respected and defended at any cost.  American tradition and “founding values” are the basis for national decisions.

            Liberal/Progressive – believes in spending money to fix problems “for the common good”.  Punishes capitalism with high taxes and believes their approach to national issues is superior to other opinions.  The US Constitution “needs to evolve with the times” and should be rewritten because it “stands in the way of growing the government”.

Healthcare Reform

Facts:  There are approximately 46 million uninsured people in the United States.  The breakdown is:

  • 17 million who can afford it and choose not to get it
  • 8 million who qualify under Medicare/Medicaid programs but have not registered
  • 10 million who are not US citizens (illegal aliens, temporary VISA-holders, etc)
  • 11 million who are truly uninsured because they can’t afford it but have too much income to qualify under Medicare/Medicaid


83% of the US population, or 253.4 million people, are insured and 202 million of them pay for private insurance.  The 11 million who are the “real” uninsured represent less than 4% of the US population.  The healthcare industry accounts for roughly 16% of the US economy.

            Source:  US Census Bureau and CDC

Issue:  With less than 4% of the US population representing the “real” uninsured, does it make sense for our government to take over the entire healthcare industry at an expense of over $1.3 trillion to US taxpayers?

What’s happening now:  Our government wants to enter the healthcare insurance industry as a provider.  The current legislative proposal being drafted will create a government sponsored insurance plan that will compete with private industry and create a ration-based approach in an attempt to control healthcare costs.  Ration based means the government will tell you what you can and cannot consider for treatment options, thereby capping the “cost” of what your doctor is able to do for you.  There is nothing else in the legislation that will control the cost of healthcare, and in contrast, the overhaul calls for raising taxes and imposing non-compliance penalties on certain demographics of our population.  The government plan will obviously be taxpayer subsidized, giving it an unfair competitive advantage over private insurers to the extent that millions of Americans will sign up with the cheaper government plan.  This migration would lead to the decline of privately offered insurance options, a lack of competition, and a degradation of quality.  And without competition, prices generally increase.  See the full circle of where this idea goes?  The government plan will own the industry and will solely dictate what care we receive and how soon we get it.  In other words, the government would have the authority to consider you too old for a hip replacement despite your doctor considering you a good candidate for one.  Keep in mind that our elected officials in the Federal Government (the same people crafting this healthcare takeover) are exempt from this overhaul because they created their own top-of-the-line insurance coverage plan years ago and have no intention of giving it up.  And we as taxpayers pay for their top-of-the-line coverage….

Common sense:  Healthcare overhaul is really a power play and a tax increase that will give government more influence over our daily lives.  The real issues of insuring the uninsured and controlling skyrocketing healthcare costs are not addressed in this legislation.  Don’t be fooled by how this idea is being sold to the general public – why do you think there is such a sense of urgency to get something passed?  It’s because our leaders don’t want us to have the time to read the Bill and understand what it gives our government the power to do.  The “government-run healthcare” idea, also known as socialized medicine, has failed in every country it’s been tried in and you can research how things are collapsing right now in Canada and Great Britain.

A more realistic solution:   Why does our government need to demolish and rebuild the entire city block when all that needs fixing is a leaky faucet in someone’s apartment?  Identify and close gaps in Medicare and Medicaid to address the 11 million people without current coverage.  Ignore the other 35 million “uninsured” – those people who choose not to have coverage and maybe need to be more responsible for themselves.  Or they may be rich enough to pay for doctors visits out-of-pocket.  We as taxpayers shouldn’t be covering illegal aliens either if our country is truly in financial crisis.  Inhumane?  I’ll leave that to you to decide for yourself.  Ok, how about subsidized clinics or a voucher program or something then?  To help better control healthcare costs, revamp regulations that deal with frivolous lawsuits, price-gouging, waste, and insurance fraud.  Allow free market competition to continue unimpeded to further promote cost stability and competitive pricing.  Stay away from any type of tax increase, especially in a down economy.


Facts:  Mankind has the ability to influence the earth’s environment in a variety of different ways, one of which would be carbon emissions.  There is data out there that can be used to support either side of the global-warming argument, so I am going to stay away from all of it.  It is widely understood that most industrialized countries contribute emissions to the earth’s atmosphere and it is believed that these emissions are causing the earth’s average temperatures to rise.  Carbon emissions are widely cited as a popular category of pollutants.  China, India, Russia, and several other major industrial nations have publicly stated they’re not interested in reducing their carbon emissions, so if the US goes it alone, scientists think we can reduce the earth’s “average temperature” by 0.3 degrees (3/10ths of 1 degree) over the next 50 years.

            Sources:  various scientific communities; G8 Summit (meeting of world leaders to discuss issues of international interest)

Issue:  Should the United States single-handedly attempt to influence the earth’s atmosphere by reducing carbon emissions at the expense of millions of jobs and billions of dollars to the consumer?

What’s happening now:  Congress is passing legislation that will empower our government to heavily regulate carbon-emitting industries with fees, permits, emission “credits”, and penalties.  The Bill also gives our government a hand in everything that produces, stores, transmits, consumes, or requires energy in some fashion.  All of the costs as a result of this legislation will trickle down to the consumer in the form of more expensive utilities and consumables (food, gas, clothing, electricity, appliances, cars, etc.).  The legislation will also literally give our government the authority to make us upgrade our appliances, insulation, windows, heat pumps, and light bulbs before they’ll let us sell our house the next time.  Economists have called this Cap-and-Trade idea the single largest tax increase in world history, which is why you may see this Bill referred to by critics as Cap-and-Tax.  If passed, this Bill will cost millions of jobs in this country as utility and manufacturing companies transition jobs overseas to escape the fees, permits, emission “credits”, and penalties.  And we as consumers won’t buy as much stuff since it’ll all be more expensive if produced here in the USA.

Common sense:  This legislation was urgently rammed through Congress before anyone had read it – including our Congressional leaders if you can believe it – because it would not have passed the vote if we saw what it contained.  Using global warming as justification for the largest tax increase in history is meant to distract us in to believing we’re supporting something for “a good cause”.  The reality is that this Bill is designed to give the government more control over multiple industries in the US, and us in the privacy of our own homes, while at the same time making money for the government.  I’m all for cleaning up the environment, but not when my government is profiting from it at my expense.  And are we really making a difference going it alone in the world?

A more realistic solution:  Domestic carbon emissions can be regulated, enforced, and penalized just as they are today.  Our government can continue pursuing environmental improvements around the world as they do today.  They simply don’t need “additional power” to accomplish either of these, and don’t let them fool you in to believing everything’s for a good cause.  What our government can do to promote “going green” is ease domestic energy policy and allow our US companies to explore alternative sources on US soil and offshore.  There are a profound number of options in the going-green energy “global warming” agenda – whatever you want to call it – that our US companies want to explore.  We really just need our government to get out of the way and let them do what they do well.  This Cap-and-Tax legislation serves no beneficial purpose whatsoever.

Accountability of Elected Federal Officials

Facts:  In any organization, accountability has to start at the top.  Our president campaigned on promises of not raising taxes, governmental transparency, avoiding lobbyist representation in governmental agencies, strengthening national security, eliminating earmarks from the legislative process, and not taxing health benefits to name a few.  Since being elected, our president has reversed position on all of these promises and has been given a free pass to avoid accountability by the mainstream media.  This is probably where you’re starting to think I’m a nut-job.  Stay with me on this.  Media’s intentional ignorance of the important issues has lulled us in to thinking everything’s fine, so let me highlight some of the things I wish the media were more up-front with us about:

  • Our president appointed, and Congress affirmed, an individual as the Secretary of the Treasury who had filed a “dishonest tax return”.  Is this individual trustworthy enough to be in charge of government spending, and do you think we would have supported this appointment 10 years ago?
  • Our president appointed, and our Congress affirmed, five other individuals to various administrative positions despite these people also having “dishonest tax returns”.  Nobody received an IRS or criminal penalty, or jail time after apologizing for their “tax errors”.  I can guarantee you that if this happened to us, we’d either be broke from the penalties and interest, or be in jail.
  • Our president appointed several lobbyists to various positions within governmental agencies.
  • Our president and our Congress are attempting to raise taxes on most unsuspecting Americans through masked agendas and legislative efforts.  Adding insult to injury, this is all being done while our economy is in decline and jobs are being lost.
  • Our president promised a transparent government website that would illustrate where our tax money is being spent, especially related to the Stimulus package.  The website was slow to come about, is bare bones, and is constantly being rearranged.
  • Our president also promised transparency by committing to post all legislative Bills to the internet for a minimum of five days to allow the public an opportunity to read them before any congressional vote takes place.  This has not happened, and Congress has already passed two significant Bills (Stimulus and Cap-and-Trade) without even reading the content themselves.  Source:  Congressional admission
  • Our president allowed the Stimulus package to pass containing over 9,000 earmarks costing us taxpayers over $5 billion extra.  Source:  The Bill itself – H.R.–1
  • Our president and our Congress are reducing the National Defense budget despite us actively fighting two wars.  Our president is negotiating with rogue nations – Iran and North Korea – rather than standing firm on human rights principles and nuclear sanctions.  He has proposed treating terrorist POWs as US citizens by reading them Miranda Rights (as if they’re protected under the Constitution of the United States) prior to questioning by the US military.  He has exposed some of our terrorist interrogation tactics to our enemies – the same tactics that have kept us safe since 9/11.  And he has committed to closing Guantanamo Bay as a terrorist holding facility despite not having a plan to do so.  He also has no plan on where the prisoners should be sent.  No other country wants them either.
  • Our president is currently contemplating taxing healthcare benefits as a way to pay for part of the Healthcare Reform initiative.
  • Our president currently enjoys highly favorable coverage from mainstream media.  Have you seen him seriously questioned on any of the above-referenced actions considering they’re all, at the very least, broken campaign promises?


I’ve withheld the names of the elected officials so as to not be guilty of libel or slander (even though I’m being factual); however this information on who’s who isn’t hard to find on the web.  And I have nothing personal against our president but feel like I’m picking on him here, which is not my intent.  My intent is to be honest about where I believe accountability starts, and he’s the man on top!  There are plenty of similar things going on in Congress too, so don’t think it’s just our president who has accountability deficiencies.

Issue:  There are too many clear-cut examples of our elected leadership saying one thing and doing another.  Should we really trust them as custodians of our country and way of life?  Or is it time to start cleaning house in the next couple of elections?  Folks, our entire government is broken.

What’s happening now:  The media continues ignoring the facts of national interest and instead plays to the emotions of the public.  Pay attention to emotional buzz words like crisis, stability, security, fear mongering etc and you’ll know you’re probably being played in some fashion.  The media does not ask the tough questions that should be of concern to everyone living in this country and a few folks here have figured this out already.  As a result, Nielsen ratings and various other polls are beginning to show a decrease in mainstream media audience sizes.  More people are finding the real story themselves on the internet, and that’s exactly why I write this for you today.  More of us need to find the information ourselves to ensure we’re basing our support and feedback on the facts, not propaganda, opinion, or emotion.  It’s only a matter of time before we’ll see some of the old media hallmarks collapse in to bankruptcy – a fair outcome in my opinion for turning news in to one big propaganda campaign.

Common sense:  Our President campaigned on “change we can believe in”.  The reality is that his administration, with the support of Congress, is trying to change what we believe in.  Thanks go to Glenn Beck for pointing this out to me.  Corruption among our elected leadership has put our government in bed with corporations and the media, and when media promotes government agendas disguised as news, it’s called propaganda, and the reward is that the players of the game all profit at our expense.  Here’s a basic illustration of corruption in action today:  The President is pushing Cap-and-Trade on the emotions of global warming and mainstream media outlets give his agenda favorable press and heightened credibility.  The media outlet’s parent company was a contributor to the presidential campaign last year and if both the Healthcare Overhaul and the Cap-and-Trade pass in to law, the parent company stands to make a ton of money on the backs of US taxpayers.  Because of strong support in the media, the President and his agenda stay positioned favorably and the President enjoys the credibility and political leverage this support creates.  Everybody in the club wins, and we as consumers lose.  I could easily identify one such relationship by telling you who the companies involved are, but I could also probably get in big trouble somehow for doing so.  The information’s out there and it’s not hard to find if you’re curious.

A more realistic solution:  Media should get back to the basics of reporting facts.  Opinions and editorials are always welcome as long as we can easily distinguish between the facts and the opinions.  Don’t market opinion as fact, otherwise we fail to see the many other corrupt situations occurring in our industries today.  In the interim, please go out and find the news yourselves and give the TV a rest once in a while.  I don’t want to promote any particular media outlet over another, but for the interested novice, I’d recommend FoxNews.com as a good general starting point.  I recommend them because members of our elected offices have publicly commented that they dislike Fox News, so to me that meant Fox sees through the smokescreens and knows where to look for factual information.  And they do.


Facts:  Taxes began at the turn of last century and slowly expanded to include collection from most citizens of the US.  The biggest single transformation occurred during World War II to generate the funds needed to finance the war efforts.  Tax code kept growing in to what it is today, and the tax code has gotten so big and complex that it’s hard to even do a tax return by hand anymore.  Taxes are necessary to fund the essential operations of our government and debate has raged on for generations about where to draw the line on “essential”.  Our tax system is based on income and to put it simply, the more you make, the more the government wants from you.  The government allows certain exemptions and deductions that typically change year to year, and exemptions and deductions are the most widely abused aspect of tax liability.

Issue:  Our government refuses to lower taxes as the obvious stimulant towards improving our economic and financial problems.  Instead, they want to grow government spending on domestic agendas and mask the costs of the programs by calling tax increases anything but tax increases.

What’s happening now:  Our government is getting more creative these days when it comes to generating revenue for their operations.  Traditionally, taxes were taxes, we filed returns each year, and that’s that.  Some of us get certain deductions on our returns that lower what we owe, and so on.  More recently, because of all the focus and sensitivity around taxes and the economy, our government doesn’t want to blatantly roll out tax increases and look like the bad guy, so they’re burying tax increases in other policy agendas like the Cap-and-Trade and Healthcare initiatives.  In this newer form, tax increases aren’t called tax increases – they’re generically embedded expenses in whatever the “transformation” is and they’re referred to as credits, fees, administrative expenses, penalties, etc.  The basic point though is that all these additional expenses will trickle down to you and me because companies pass cost increases (tax) directly to us.  Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. 

Common sense:  If saving the economy is really our government’s top priority, then just lower our taxes.  Remember my earlier comment about what happens when taxes are lowered?  Our government doesn’t need to completely rewrite healthcare and they don’t need to tax the daylights out of the energy sector under Cap-and-Trade.  Neither of these will have a positive impact on our economy, or create jobs, or put more money in our pockets.  They just need to lower everyone’s taxes – plain and simple – if their goal is truly to improve our economy.  Once again, don’t be fooled by plays for power or fall victim to the emotions involved between “the rich” and “the poor”.  The rich pay most of the taxes in this country, so it stands to reason that when taxes are cut by X%, the rich keep more dollars than the not-so-rich.

A more realistic solution:  Lower our taxes.  Or on a broader scale, change the way taxes are paid altogether.  I read a book called FairTax:  The Truth by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder that describes a new tax model designed by economists and accountants, not politicians.  There has been legislation in Congress for years, Bill H.R.–25, representing this new idea that would change our tax system and “level the playing field” for everybody.  Before you discredit this idea, as I did when I first came across it, read the book.  You’ll be wondering why we’re not already doing the FairTax thing by the time you get done.  Again though, what I hope you take away from this tax discussion is that lower taxes are good for us, our economy, and this country’s productivity.  Beware of ANY tax increases because economically, it is common understanding that increases hurt us, not help us.  And especially when we’re all struggling right now, the government needs to cut back just like the rest of us are having to do.

Structure of our Government

Facts:  The Declaration of Independence along with the Constitution of the United States of America are founding documents of our country.  In particular, the Constitution establishes the framework for our government and details its structure, its powers, and its purpose.  The United States of America was founded as a republic and has remained as one for over 200 years.  The definition of a republic is:

  1. a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president; or a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government
  2. a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law; or a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government

            Source:  Webster’s Dictionary

As a republic nation, our government was defined and established using three branches – Executive (president), Legislative (Congress/Senate), and Judicial (Courts of Law).  The three branches, along with their separate powers as constitutionally defined, ensure a system of checks and balances exist whereby no one branch has any more authority over the other yet all are necessary to function as government.

Issue:  Our government is establishing power outside of the structural framework defined by the Constitution of the Unites States and threatens to disrupt our system of checks and balances by doing so.  It also impairs our free enterprise economic system by giving our government more influence over determining who or what fails and who or what succeeds.  Rather than letting competition determine who the best businesses are, government encroachment is calling those shots.

What’s happening now:  Quietly and outside of the media spotlight, our president has embedded what he himself calls ‘czars’ to oversee specific aspects of specific industries.  These people are unknown to the general public, most of them are previous associates or acquaintances of the president, and they’re accountable to nobody.  They are placed for the sole purpose of influencing the policies and direction of the establishment or industry.  No, really – I’m not making this up.  All these ‘czars’ are separate from what we traditionally know as the President’s Cabinet – members publicly appointed by the president to serve as heads-of-state, Secretaries of X, etc.  The bodies of czars essentially form a shadow government outside of the constitutional framework that defines the Executive branch of government.  Our real government has also become publicly engaged in the financial industry, the automotive industry, the insurance industry, and is trying to gain access to the healthcare and energy industries (Healthcare Reform and Cap-and-Trade).  All while using our tax dollars to do it and having to borrow massive amounts more from China to keep going.

Common sense:  Our country was founded as a republic – I’ve said that already.  So in contrast to our capitalistic democracy, let me give you the definition of Socialism:

  1. any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
  2. a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
  3. a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
  4. a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

            Source:  Webster’s Dictionary

Our government has “bailed out” the financial and insurance industries and recently took over General Motors.  With urgency, they are attempting to engage in energy and healthcare.  Our government is using our tax dollars to do this and they aren’t solving any problems in these industries, rather they’re staking claim within them to call the shots and essentially “nationalize” them.  This is called socialism.  I don’t see any of this socialist stuff defined, allowed under, or purposed in the Constitution.  I also don’t see an allowance for ‘czars’ in our Executive branch of government.  Remember the few facts and opinions I shared at the beginning of my message to you?  The statement that our government works for us – we don’t work for it?  Read the second definition of republic again paying attention to the words ‘supreme power’.  It’s time to remind our representatives of this fact.


A more realistic solution:  Understand and respect the Constitution if you enjoy having control of your own life.  I would personally sacrifice my life to protect the Constitution, as many civilians and soldiers already have.  We have the most freedom, the most consumer variety, and the most prosperous lifestyle in the world.  Pay attention to what our government wants to become involved in and ask yourself if it’s really something our Founding Fathers had in mind when architecting our governmental structure.  Our founders didn’t just guess at what they wanted us to be, they made a very informed determination and then took it one step further to ensure a separation of powers.  Let’s not sit ignorantly and let our government “fundamentally transform” themselves and this country.  We need to stop the Executive branch from consuming the other two.

In Conclusion

I appreciate you taking the time to listen and I tried to keep the information as factual as I could based on the data I have found in my travels.  My opinion shows throughout this document as I try and highlight what I think are the important points to consider in the actions of our government these days.  Please understand that by the time you read this, some of the information I’ve shared may have changed.  For that reason, I say again to go out there and educate yourself on what’s going on.  All I wanted to do is share what I’ve learned recently because it frustrates me, and I alone can’t make a difference towards changing anything.  There’s a bunch of other things going on, but I’d need to publish a book-sized write-up to cover everything.  I tried to just stick to what I call “today’s defining battles” rather than attempt to solve world hunger if you will.

Please, please share this and anything else you learn with as many people as you know.  It’s easy to sit idly by and assume things are going to be taken care of, but I don’t want to see what life will be like if we fail to quickly get a handle on the functioning of our government and our country.  I question even sending this letter out for fear of being called a nut-job.  But I don’t care at this point – this stuff is real, and it will completely change our lifestyles, our budgets, and our freedoms.  If you’re on the receiving end of government entitlements, you’re probably happy with the status quo.  Just know that expanding the giveaways beyond what our economy can support will destroy our country.  Look around the rest of the world as proof.

I’ll say it again – make sure your elected officials hear from you if there are things happening that you don’t like.  I’m so concerned about the way decisions are being made that I’m actually contemplating running for Congress to try and restore sanity to our lawmaking body as well as bring the voice of people like us back in to the process.  What I’ve shared in this letter is just the tip of a VERY large iceberg.

Yesterday, an average American………….today, I woke up.


Here are a few sources I monitor to stay on top of what’s happening.  You can request email updates from many of these sites, which makes “finding” current information easy.  The last reference is where you can easily write to your elected leaders – and you can use your zip code to identify who your representatives are.

Internet sources:









Good reading:

Common Sense, by Glenn Beck

FairTax:  The Truth by Neal Boortz and Congressman John Linder

Writing your elected leaders:



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