The 1%

The mainstream media intentionally, and grossly, misinterprets the Occupy movement for something more than it is – a disorganized circus of entitlement fantasy. As I observe the activities and media coverage of the Occupy protests, I believe references to “the 1%” better describe the protesters themselves and the media outlets promoting this movement as something legitimate. Clearly there are 1% in this country who simply “don’t get it” about what’s really plaguing us and what has average Americans so frustrated.

Listening to the protesters, it’s obvious they don’t have a clue about our economy or its drivers and influences. They don’t comprehend what true freedom means nor are they capable of connecting the dots between Wall Street and Washington DC. I don’t know whether it’s just immaturity, or some false sense of entitlement or expectation instilled by a failed public education system, or just plain ignorance. They’re so confused and disorganized that the media attempts to define their message for them and even the media can’t settle on anything convincingly enough to fool the 99% of us who “do get it”. As with previous attempts to legitimize the Occupy cause, the media continues to fall far short of resonating any logic behind the movement. Keep spinning the grievance differently and hope one of the messages finally gains traction?

By contrast, the TEA Party defined itself within the first whisper of the movement and has been consistent in its non-violent, law-abiding messaging throughout its three-year existence. The TEA Party properly and peacefully directs protest towards Washington DC and continues to be largely ignored by the media, unless of course it can be leveraged in an attempt to lend credibility to some liberal flavor-du-jour like the Occupy faction. When this fading Occupy crowd can rationally influence the political landscape like the TEA Party did in 2010 and within local elections last November 2011, against the tide of hostile media no less, then they might start to become a relevant grass-roots force. Until then, best wishes to you 1% as you continue searching for your true identity.


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