Two birds, one stone

Another letter to the Virginian Pilot – see it here.

Here’s the unedited version:

Two Birds, One Stone
The Transportation Security Administration’s recent tactical change to airport security screening has accomplished what federal legislators have failed to do for decades: create a free public healthcare option. In addition to screening for weapons, bombs, and other terrorist threats, the TSA now offers a full complement of healthcare services encompassing everything from breast cancer exams to sports physicals to chiropractic massages. As to not discriminate, the TSA is planning to expand their enhanced servicing to other modes of transportation including subways, passenger trains, buses, and cruise ships.

Future enhancements to this new public option are rumored to even include free colonoscopies and domestic abuse counseling.

Talk about a brilliant approach! I will never question the genius of the Obama Administration again.

2 Responses to Two birds, one stone

  1. DeniseVB says:

    Fabulous ! In the print edition you got a bold headline and top billing. Uncle Marty and I are so proud of your snarkiliciousness 🙂

    I think I’m going to trademark my idea though, make the luggage conveyor belt larger and we just drop, lay and roll through with our bags! AND, have the results sent to our primary caregiver too 😉

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