Christmas in Washington

OK, so last week the Democrats were screaming about extending the Bush tax cuts adding $700 billion to our deficit.  So what do they do about it?  They rewrite the legislation and fill it up with another $157 billion in giveaways to environmentalists, Hollywood, and energy industries that certainly don’t need our tax dollars.  Now the perceived cost of this “tax rate extension” is a whopping $857 BILLION DOLLARS, and not a scream can be heard within the halls of Congress.  Bunch of hypocrites.

I urge the republicans, who are not exactly innocent here either, to do whatever’s necessary to kill this legislative attempt.  I also urge Obama to stand behind the verbal agreement he and the republicans reached and not support all of these democratic giveaways.  Next month when the republicans take the House and increase their numbers in the Senate, perhaps they can do this the honest way and leave all the BS out of the bill.  Heck, while you’re at it, why don’t you actually lower taxes rather than just leave rates where they are today.

Is it really that difficult for Congress to focus on a single issue and deal with that issue alone?  These pathetic politicians just can’t help themselves when it comes to resisting the urge to fatten legislation up with pork.  Using MY money no less……..


We can’t afford tax cuts?

Even the cupcakes are smart enough to understand this.

Congressional Democrats are screaming that we can’t afford to let the “Bush tax cuts” expire because that would add $700 billion to our deficit.  Let me translate this belief for you:

  1. Democrats believe your wealth belongs to them.  And they’ve already spent $700 billion that they hadn’t collected from you yet.
  2. President Obama himself has acknowledged previously that increasing the tax rates doesn’t necessarily increase tax revenue to the federal government.  Similarly, the CBO has many times in its budget baseline revisions recognized the unforeseen revenue increases that result from lower taxes.  These two realities contradict what the Democrats are currently screaming about.
  3. George Bush cut our taxes in 2001 and 2003.  This was in comparison to what we’d been paying in previous years.  Democrats today believe that leaving these current tax rates as-is equates to “giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires”.  Sorry guys, Bush already did that years ago, so if you let them expire, you are in fact raising taxes.
  4. “Millionaires and billionaires” really means any individual earning over $200,000, or couples earning over $250,000 per year – and small businesses in this income range too, since most small businesses report income on a personal tax return (usually the owner’s).
  5. Increasing the tax rates on the “rich” essentially means that the majority of “stuff” you buy will become more expensive.  The “rich” bake their tax expense into the price of the things they sell – and you pay their bill when you buy their stuff.
  6. You don’t hear the Democrats exploring ways to cut $700 billion in social spending as a way to “balance” the extension of current tax rates do you?
  7. Separately, Democrats want to give capital gains tax breaks to small businesses in hopes of stimulating job creation.  (Editor’s note:  do you know of any small businesses that actually pay capital gains taxes?  I don’t.)  At the same time, 3% of all small businesses will take it in the shorts if the “Bush tax cuts” for “millionaires and billionaires” expire.  While only 3% of small businesses may seem inconsequential, these 3% of businesses represent 48% of small business wealth.

So to recap, the Democrats are screaming to raise taxes knowing that would mean less money coming in to the government coffers.  They’re screaming to hit 48% of our job-creating wealth with a tax increase while also relying on these small businesses to create jobs.  Democrats are NOT screaming about the fact that stuff will be more expensive if taxes are increased on the rich, because lots of folks don’t seem to understand that concept themselves.  And Democrats are screaming that our wealth belongs to them and it’s not their fault they’ve spent more than we gave them.

Mamma always told me to not spend what I ain’t got.  Democrats don’t seem to understand that simple concept, and they’re more than willing to screw all of us with taxes while they pee on our leg and tell us it’s raining.  Yes, we can afford to keep tax rates where they are – and even lower them.  The problem is that Democrats can’t seem to keep their credit cards in their wallets.  Lots of votes to buy……….

Questions?  Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to clarify –

Two birds, one stone

Another letter to the Virginian Pilot – see it here.

Here’s the unedited version:

Two Birds, One Stone
The Transportation Security Administration’s recent tactical change to airport security screening has accomplished what federal legislators have failed to do for decades: create a free public healthcare option. In addition to screening for weapons, bombs, and other terrorist threats, the TSA now offers a full complement of healthcare services encompassing everything from breast cancer exams to sports physicals to chiropractic massages. As to not discriminate, the TSA is planning to expand their enhanced servicing to other modes of transportation including subways, passenger trains, buses, and cruise ships.

Future enhancements to this new public option are rumored to even include free colonoscopies and domestic abuse counseling.

Talk about a brilliant approach! I will never question the genius of the Obama Administration again.